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Helmsley Partners is a political risk and strategy consultancy with expertise in the UK market.


We help companies and investors to navigate the UK’s political landscape and make the right strategic decisions.

We provide in-market political risk and strategic advisory services to support clients' commercial goals. We aim to turn political knowledge into your competitive advantage.


Our offer has two layers: we provide political risk analysis to help clients understand the terrain and we offer strategic advice to turn that knowledge into action.


With a Brexit deal in place, the UK is undergoing major regulatory and policy reforms, combining the flux of emerging markets with the mature institutions and capital markets seen in highly developed economies. It is a great time to invest in the UK.

Our team draws on expertise developed as former government ministers, campaign advisers, think tank analysts and government relations advisers for leading political parties and corporate brands.

From transaction due diligence to polling, policy development and government relations, we help companies to operate with confidence, even in politically uncertain times.

Our services

We tailor our services to your needs, applying a set of tools and methodologies to understand exactly your risks and how to manage them. Then we draw on decades of political experience to help you take the best course of action. Our core services include:

  • Pre-transaction political due diligence

  • Policy exposure analysis

  • Senior political counsel/strategic advisory

  • Risk monitoring

  • Public polling and qualitative research

  • Messaging and communications

  • Government relations / public affairs strategy

  • Political stakeholder mapping

  • Scenario and crisis planning

  • Sustainability / ESG.

Insights and news from our team