Political due diligence

We provide political due diligence services to deal teams, corporate boards, underwriters and lenders.

Clients include private equity, venture capital and other investors, who require in-depth analysis of political exposures ahead of mergers and acquisitions, to limit and/or price-in their exposures.


Companies seeking to expand their operations, either through a physical presence in a new market or segment, or through a new trade relationship, also use political due diligence to advise shareholders and develop appropriate strategies.

We also support political risk insurance and reinsurance research, whether for underwriters or for clients conducting their own internal assessments ahead of the underwriting process. Similarly, we work with lenders where price and credit risk depends on political risk factors.

We conduct detailed analysis of relevant policy issues, identifying key policies, potential policy developments, business-critical politically exposed processes (such as licensing or planning applications) and important political stakeholders. We include mitigation and management recommendations as part of our due diligence reporting.

In addition to political due diligence reports, we offer senior counsel, scenario and crisis planning, and policy horizon scanning exercises, all of which support forecasting and preparedness in political risk.

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