Strategic support services

In addition to political risk analysis, we also help clients understand how to use political information to inform corporate strategy. Our aim is to help clients turn political knowledge into a competitive advantage.

We provide senior counsel to business leaders and corporate strategists in the energy sector, helping them to set political intelligence within its much wider commercial context.

Our strategic support services include:

Messaging and corporate profile

Data screens with analysis. UK political risk and strategy

We help clients to distil and structure the messages that will help to deliver strategic goals. This can include building a targeted messaging framework that can be deployed across media.

Thought leadership and policy development

Speaker on stage with audience. UK political risk and strategy

Drawing on decades of experience within government, think tanks and communications, we help clients to build the suite of policy ideas, messages and collateral that will help them to lead the debate. Uniquely, our expertise in energy helps us to understand what needs to be communicated.

Crisis preparedness

News map and phone. UK political risk and strategy

Crises are best dealt with before they happen. From helping an oil major to create a risk management framework to supporting a renewable energy industry group with media-based reputational strategy, we can apply a broad suite of tools to help clients prepare for the worst.

Top tier advisory

Our team and broader network of consultants have acted as senior decision makers, legislators and advisers within the British government, European Parliament, FTSE 100 companies and leading think tanks.

We’ve provided political strategic advice to C-Suite leaders and corporate affairs teams for some of the leading brands in the world, including Starbucks, Royal Dutch Shell, Centrica, Balfour Beatty, the Madison Square Garden Company and Sainsburys.

Senior counsel

Corporate buildings, London. UK political risk and strategy

Our senior advisors, including former UK government ministers and political advisors, work with C-Suite and senior leaders to maximise their political understanding and skills. This can include preparation for key projects, events such as committee appearances, or longer-term political strategy.

Political engagement planning

Bus in front of Houses of Parliament. UK political risk and strategy

We support clients to develop their government relations programmes, using dynamic stakeholder mapping that evolves as priorities change. This can be especially important in legislative or regulatory processes, throughout which decision makers change over time.

Media strategy

Newspaper and digital media. UK political risk and strategy

We can deliver media audits, dynamic mapping and monitoring. We view all media - traditional and digital - in the same space and focus on target audiences first.

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